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Frameline38 Awards

June 30, 2014

The Frameline38 awards were announced on June 29, 2014 at our Closing Night Party. Congratulations all around!

Frameline38 AT&T Audience Awards

Since 1984 our audience has been responsible for selecting the Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Short Film of the Festival.

Best Feature Film

THE WAY HE LOOKS, directed by Daniel Ribeiro


Best Documentary Film

COMPARED TO WHAT: THE IMPROBABLE JOURNEY OF BARNEY FRANK, directed by Sheila Canavan and Michael Chandler


Best Short Film

BLACK IS BLUE, directed by Cheryl Dunye


Frameline38 Juried Awards

Frameline has a long history of supporting pioneering films and filmmakers, and we continue that tradition with our seletions for the Wells Fargo First Feature Award and the Frameline38 Outstanding Documentary Awards.

The Wells Fargo First Feature award is generously funded by Wells Fargo and is a $7,500 juried award.

Frameline38 Wells Fargo First Feature Award

SOMETHING MUST BREAK (NÅNTING MÅSTE GÅ SÖNDER), directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark


Honorable Mention, First Feature

LILTING, directed by Hong Khaou


Achievement in Documentary

KUMU HINA, directed by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson


Honorable Mention, Documentary

REGARDING SUSAN SONTAG, directed by Nancy Kates


Frameline38 Volunteer of the Year Award

Selected by honoree and 2014 Frameline Volunteer of the Year, John Basgall.

Frameline38 Volunteer of the Year Award

ANITA'S LAST CHA-CHA, directed by Sigrid Bernardo