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Youth in Motion & Frameline Rocking It 365

October 17, 2016


The fall is when we really ramp up our non-Festival programming here at Frameline. Submissions are rolling in for Completion Fund, we just acquired three new titles for Frameline Distribution (details coming soon!), and it’s back to school time for Youth in Motion (YIM). As Director of Distribution & Educational Programming at Frameline, I was really excited last week to help get the word out even more about YIM, which offers free LGBTQ films, as well as professionally created curriculum, for free to Gender & Sexuality Alliances (sometimes known as Gay Straight Alliances), at schools throughout the country.

In the eight years of the YIM program, we have sent thousands of films to schools in all 50 states, and impacted tens of thousands of students. Right now, we have 930 schools registered in all 50 states, but this isn’t enough! If GSAs register by the end of 2016, they will receive our Expanding Gender collection of short films on transgender and gender expansive youth, complete with 39-page curriculum, and be automatically registered for next year’s film for free.

With our friends at GSA Network, we recently hosted an online webinar on who we are, what we do, and how to sign up, so we figured we should share with the Frameline Family. If you are a teacher, student, administrator, parent, or anyone who wants transgender and gender expansive students in schools to be supported by life changing media, please check out the webinar, and help us spread the word.

Alexis Whitham, Frameline Director of Distribution & Educational Programming.