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Frameline Voices Announces One Million Views

August 12, 2013 Comments

Frameline Voices Film Initiative Announces One Million Views SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Frameline, a San Francisco-based media arts non-profit and host to the longest-running, largest, and most widely recognized LGBT film exhibition event in the world, enters its third year of the groundbreaking program Frameline Voices after hitting a milestone accomplishment.

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Frameline Voices

December 3, 2012 Comments

We're excited to announce the December releases of three films on Frameline Voices!

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Wanted: gay-friendly Imam to do my Nikah

October 7, 2011 Comments

Separation of church and state is a big issue here in American gay communities. Some folks want to be married at city hall, others in front of their local congregation. But when talking about where same-sex marriage would be appropriate, we’re often talking about Christian or Jewish marriage commitments, glossing over the struggles of practicing Muslims in the gay community.

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Frameline Voices: Adam

September 19, 2011 Comments

Around the Frameline offices and around town, we totally use “sir” or “ma’am” as verbs: “I totally got sirred/ma’amed at Walgreens over lunch.”

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Frameline Voices: The Bond

September 16, 2011 Comments

http://vimeo.com/24575306 “Who will love my child?” That’s director Michael Connell’s biggest fear after learning his son, Sean, was transitioning to his daughter, Mikayla.

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