Cure For Love

2008 | Documentary / Homophobia / Parenting/Family / Religion/Spirituality | 59m | USA
Directors: Francine Pelletier, Christina Willings

In the documentary Cure for Love, we meet a young couple, Brian and Ana, as they’re getting married. They met through a Christian ministry for people struggling with same sex attraction. They’re not ex-gays, per se—they fully acknowledge their sexual orientations—but they believe it is against God’s plan to act on them. At their wedding we also meet Jonathan and Derren, friends from the ministry who have since decided to embrace their innate sexuality without forsaking their faiths. They describe the inner torment and deep sense of shame that drove them to join ex-gay ministries, as well as the beauty, fulfillment and joy of sharing love and affection after denying themselves for so long. A deep dive into a Christian subculture, this 2008 film captures a small group of people in a particular time and place.