Forever Bottom!

1999 | Body Image / Gender / Race and Culture / Sexuality | 4m | USA
Directors: Nguyen Tan Hoang

In a “psuedo-instructional” videotape, director Nguyen Tan Hoang embraces the desires of full, unrepentant bottomhood, showing the independence and gratification of being the bottom. Forever Bottom! takes a humorous take on the insatiable appetite of an Asian male Bottom, posing a challenge and an invitation —aggressive, unapologetic, and ubiquitous—without revealing too much!

Reviews and Awards

Honorable Mention, University of Oregon Queer Film Festival

“The title alone makes this short video worthy of mention, but the wit doesn’t end there.” -Xtra!, Toronto

“wildly theatrical … amuses and enthralls …” —Gary Morris, Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco

“innovative imagery … Nguyen revels in his nasty sarcasm.” —Marke Bieschke, Bay Area