Framing Lesbian Fashion

1992 | Coming Out / Documentary / Lesbian / Parenting/Family / Religion/Spirituality / Sexuality / Social Issues / Spirituality / Women's Studies | 60m | USA
Directors: Karen Everett

The 1992 documentary Framing Lesbian Fashion looks at the evolution of lesbian attire and identity—butch/femme, flannel, androgyny, cross-dressing and drag, queer fluorescent, S/M and leather, lipstick and more. Featuring interviews with Sally Gearhart, JoAnn Loulan, Arlene Stein, Kitty Tsui and others, Framing Lesbian Fashion incorporates archival photos and personal stories to document the sociology and history of lesbian fashion.

Reviews and Awards

“A groundbreaking journalistic fashion tour of the lesbian community.”—Franklin Gross, Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco

“Don’t be fooled by the title: this one-hour film frames a much wider picture than any literal connotation the word ‘fashion’ might suggest. Framing Lesbian Fashion will not only be enjoyed by those whose experience it reflects, but can serve as an educational primer in lesbian sensibilities.” —On Our Backs