Myth of Father

2003 | Body Image / Coming Out / Documentary / Gender / Mental Health / Parenting/Family / Relationships / Transgender | 28m | USA
Directors: Paul Hill

When filmmaker Paul Hill’s father came out to him as a transwoman named Jodie, Paul began a journey to learn more about his parent. This stunning video documentary contrast’s Paul’s relationship to Jodie, as well as her relationship to her own father. Candid interviews provide reflections from Paul and from Jodie, who isn’t afraid to tell the truth about her shortcomings as a parent; “No one knew who I was. I trashed relationships with everyone I knew, including my own son.”

This 28 minute film also appears in the Frameline collection as a 52 minute director’s cut.

Reviews and Awards

Myth of Father traces the emotions and viewpoints of family members as they deal with Jodie’s tranformation. As with most families, the layering is complex. Paul Hill … is an insightful filmmaker…”—Outlook, Columbus