Out in the Heartland

2005 | Activism / Documentary / Homophobia / Human Rights / Marriage Equality / Parenting/Family / Religion/Spirituality | 18m | USA
Directors: Gretchen Hildebran

Out in the Heartland explores how Kentucky's 2004 constitutional amendment to ban LGBTQ marriage impacted three families and their communities. As momentum pushed the issue from the mega-churches to the ballot box, LGBTQ parents began to fear for their families’ safety and future. The 2005 documentary Out in the Heartland gave a face to those at the center of these amendments, illuminating their long-term consequences for all.

Reviews and Awards

Regional Finalist, Student Academy Awards

“ … a very effective, timely, and chilling reminder of how easily personal freedoms can be stripped away. Recommended. Audience: H, C, P (High School, Colleges/Universities, Public Libraries).”—Video Librarian

Out in the Heartland is a ‘fair and balanced’ response to Kentucky's 2004 Constitutional Amendment vote banning same-sex marriage … the true affects of discrimination and ignorance are explored … Recommended for all libraries.” —Educational Media Reviews Online

“When we showed Out In The Heartland at an Orlando town hall meeting it really brought home the devastating effect of having to fight for the dignity of your own family. The film takes people beyond the statistics that tell us these bans are not only wrongheaded, but cruel.”—Nadine Smith, Executive Director, Equality Florida