2006 | Coming Out / Documentary / Gender / Parenting/Family / Relationships / Representation / Transgender / Youth (18 & Under) | 19m | USA
Directors: Leigh Iacobucci

This film tells the personal stories of the teenagers who participate in a support group offered by a Bay Area youth organization called “Outlet.” It includes observational footage of their weekly support group and mentoring meetings, providing a glimpse of the challenges they face at school on a daily basis. Interviews with the support group facilitator, a young activist, and a trans teen address the evolution of queer issues as they are taken on by local middle school and high school students within a context now over 10 years old, but still relevant today in many schools.

Reviews and Awards

“Outlet is a terrific film, allowing young people to talk freely about their experiences. At the same time, the film shows the transformational effect that having a safe place to explore identity issues has on their lives … [drives] home the fact that LGBT kids deserve more support, understanding, and resources.” —Bill Blackburn, workshop leader, “Developing a Greater Sensitivity and Understanding When Caring for the LGBT Patient Population”