Small Town Secrets

2004 | Aging/Elders / Coming Out / Experimental / Mental Health / Parenting/Family / Relationships / Sexuality / Video Arts / Women's Studies / Youth (18 & Under) | 7m | USA
Directors: Katherine Leggett

A highly textured film that travels back to the early 1980s, Small Town Secrets documents a woman’s exploration of her childhood growing up with two closeted gay parents in a small, midwestern town. By weaving together a collection of home movies and conversations with her parents recorded via web cam, Small Town Secrets remembers why keeping it a secret felt like the only option.

Reviews and Awards

Honorable Mention, Special Jury Award in Short Filmmaking, Sundance

Best Personal Documentary, International Student Competition, Columbia College

Best Gay/Lesbian Film, Ann Arbor Film Festival

Best Short Film, Wisconsin Film Festival

“Through understated, beautifully rendered images … Small Town Secrets lends a unique twist to the coming-out narrative, and is a valuable document for studies in the psychology of parent-child relationships and the history of sexuality in middle America.” —Homay King, Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Bryn Mawr College.