2005 | Body Image / Relationships / Representation / Sexuality | 15m | Indonesia | USA
Directors: Lucky Kuswandi

A gay teenager detached from his surroundings, Guy (Jason Woo) runs away from home to escape the idle stillness of his life in the ethereal nearly silent short film Still . He is desperate for a human connection, some kind of a substitute for love—something he never receives from his absent, distant father, whom he never fully knows or understands. Guy takes the train towards a beach town and checks into a dilapidated motel, roaming the barely-alive streets aimlessly and cruising through life’s clichess only to find discomfort and disillusionment.

Reviews and Awards

Still’s contemplative and despairing tone gives the film’s eroticism a spectral, forlorn ambience ... ethereal.” —John Townsend, Lavender