Summer In My Veins (Director’s Cut)

1999 | AIDS/HIV / Coming Out / Documentary / Parenting/Family / Race and Culture / Sexuality | 41m | USA
Directors: Nish Saran

A gay Indian filmmaker travels across America with his family who is visiting from India in this incredibly personal 1999 documentary. He was tested for HIV before he left for the trip and will not receive his results until they return. Under the threat of terminal illness, made very real by an unsafe encounter with an HIV-positive man, the filmmaker explores the dynamics of secrecy and love that mark this very close family. Pushing the limits of personal documentary every moment, every achingly intimate moment—including coming out to his mother—is caught on tape.

This director’s cut of the film is 41 minutes. A 26 minute version is also available from Frameline Distribution.

Reviews and Awards

“ A fresh approach … unusual honesty, and [a] poignant outcome …” —K. Glaser, Video Librarian

“A powerful movie. You will not soon again see such a profoundly truthful depiction of parental courage.” —Stephen Brophy, Bay Windows

“A masterful moment of personal non-fiction filmmaking …” —Gerald Peary, Curator, Harvard Film Archives