The Bond

2007 | Coming Out / Documentary / Parenting/Family / Relationships / Transgender | 6m | USA
Directors: Michael T. Connell

“How could you raise a transsexual child and not know it?” In this honest and compassionate documentary, the father of a trans child shares his family's story—what it was like when his child came out, how their relationship has changed, and how their bond continues to get stronger.

Made by a father for trans individuals and their parents, this film offers hopeful answers to the questions parents face when a child, of any age, comes out.

Reviews and Awards

“The Bond is a direct and straightforward examination of the relationship between one father and his Male to Female trans daughter … Speaking candidly and openly, the interviewed father touches on such topics as grief, surprise, and continued love for his child. The video itself manages to avoid a melodramatic treatment, and instead presents parental love in a respectful and factual manner. This is not to say that, even in this short video, there aren't moments of very real emotion, there are. But these are portrayed with a simple authenticity that hits home. Ultimately, The Bond leaves the viewer with a sense of gratitude: gratitude for the strength of parental bonds and a broader gratitude for human kind’s ability to adapt love to circumstances.” —Ray Rea, Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University Moorhead