The Vicious and the Delicious

2008-2010 | Bisexual / Dance / Lesbian / Pop Culture / Women's Studies / Youth (18 & Under) | 12m | Australia
Directors: Tonnette Stanford

A queer parody of classic soap operas such as Dynasty and The Bold and the Beautiful , The Vicious and the Delicious explores the shocking scandals of the powerful Cassamento family and their lovers. Silvo lies in a deep coma and will surely die without an esophagus transplant. Vivian loves Silvo desperately, and will stop at nothing to save him. Electra is engaged to Scarlet, but Scarlet is having a baby with Electra’s mother, Charmaine. Behind their glamorous facades, there are no innocent parties, and the question remains; will Silvo ever get that life-saving esophagus? And if so, whose esophagus will it be? Nail-scratching catfights, countless illicit affairs, double identities, mistrustful motives, dubious dealings, fabulous fashion statements, and bizarre story twists—all this and more in The Vicious and the Delicious .

Reviews and Awards

Iris Prize Nominee