Tom’s Flesh

1994 | Body Image / Health/Medicine / Mental Health / Parenting/Family | 9m | USA
Directors: Jane Wagner, Tom di Maria

Exploring body image, self-perception, eating disorders, and plastic surgery, the 1994 short film Tom’s Flesh is informed by the intersection of a late 20th century gay male body aesthetic, gender, and childhood trauma. Shot with Pixel Vision, Super 8, and Hi-8, the video weaves dark, distant memories with humorous detailing of recent invasive surgical procedures.

Reviews and Awards

Special Recognition in Short Filmmaking Award, Sundance Film Festival

Golden Apple Award, National Educational Media Network

Juror’s Choice Award, Black Maria Film Festival

“Visually fascinating …” —Independent Documentary Association

“A harrowing story … a brave gesture” —San Francisco Chronicle

“… packed with a lifetime of anguish— unforgettable.” —Philadelphia City Paper