Trans-Neptune (or, The Fall of Pandora, Drag Queen Cosmonaut)

2006 | AIDS/HIV / Death/Dying / Sexuality | 14m | Canada
Directors: Matthew Long

Drag Queen Cosmonauts: It was the marketing coup of the century, a publicity stunt broadcast live around the globe. For a moment it seemed the public was interested in Space again.But who could have guessed at the calamity that the crew of the Space Vessel Xanadine would unlock at the far edge of the solar system? Viruses. Fast Acting. Lethal. Now, with mankind infected, society all but collapsed, and a price on her head, Pandora, the last of the Drag Queen Cosmonauts, takes solace in the only hope left: smoking Space Gas. Is it a cure, or a potent addiction?

Reviews and Awards

Official Selection, Cannes Short Film Corner

Gerry Brunet Memorial Award for Best Short by a British Columbia Filmmaker, Out on Screen Vancouver Queer Film and Video Festival

Leo Awards Nominations: Best Costume Design in a Short Drama, Best Makeup in a Short Drama, Best Overall Sound in a Short Drama