TRANSforming Healthcare: Transgender Cultural Competency for Medical Providers

2007 | Activism / Body Image / Coming Out / Documentary / Gender / Health/Medicine / Homophobia / Human Rights / Mental Health / Representation / Social Issues / Women's Studies | 17m | USA
Directors: Ethan Suniewick

Members of the transgender community face many barriers when attempting to access health care. Medical providers are not required to learn about transgender people during their schooling, so are often ill prepared to meet the medical needs of this socially and economically vulnerable population. Lack of exposure to transgender people can lead to discomfort when a provider encounters a transgender individual in healthcare settings, often resulting in a failure to successfully and sensitively meet the healthcare needs of the transgender patient. This short training video designed to give healthcare providers the opportunity to understand the needs of the transgender community. The film shows a diversity of transgender people speaking about their experiences accessing medical care with a focus on concrete advice and best practices toward improving the skills of health care providers.

Special Bonus Features include segments about Chinese Medicine, More Advice for Providers, and STD & HIV Risk.

Reviews and Awards

Transforming Healthcare: Transgender Competency for Healthcare Providers sounds like a PowerPoint presentation for doctors and nurses, but it is far more than that and is valuable for any audience concerned with the well-being of the trans community and the issues its members face…This short, professionally produced video is an excellent teaching tool for medical professionals, but since most of the difficulties that confront trans people in medical environments match those they face in society at large, Transforming Healthcare is also a good fit for any audience interested in learning about the problems trans people face and specific changes that can help remedy them.” — Wik Wikholm,