Yellow Fever

1998 | Race and Culture / Relationships | 26m | UK
Directors: Raymond Yeung

A love story set in 1990s London, following the life of Monty, a gay Chinese anglophile, desperately seeking his “white knight.” A chance encounter with his new Chinese neighbor, Jai Ming, turns Monty’s Vivienne Westwood wardrobe upside down. Initially repulsed, Monty experiences unfamiliar feelings of attraction followed by reactionary denial and a long overdue look in the mirror at his own inferiority complex. This 1998 comedy is imbued with a dash of camp and a trace of glamour. Raymond Yeung’s ( Front Cover ) Yellow Fever is an offbeat and witty portrayal of gay Chinese subculture in a European-dominated society.

Reviews and Awards

Audience Award, Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Madrid