We Are Dad — AIDS 2020

Director: Michael Horvat
2005 | USA | 68m

We Are Dad follows the lives of one family: two white gay pediatric nurses and their five foster children—it’s a family with an abundance of both love and complications. Four of the children have AIDS; three of the youngsters are African American; and the two white children have been careening through the foster care system after coming out of a backwater cult in Oregon. Their compelling story unfolds against the backdrop of a hotly contested issue in America—and especially in the family’s home state of Florida: whether LGBTQ couples are “suitable” as adopting parents. This bracing film follows the dads’ struggles to overturn both legal and emotional prejudices while building a stable and loving home for their diverse family.

Ticketing notes:

  • This is a free digital screening, available to view between Thursday, June 25 12:01am – Wednesday, July 10, 11:59pm.
  • We suggest viewing during the dates of the AIDS 2020: Virtual conference, July 6-10.
  • Get access by reserving a free ticket.

Gilead Sciences

  • Language: English