Before We Grow Old

Heute oder morgen

Director: Thomas Moritz Helm
2019 | Germany | 93m
GENRE: Bisexual | Black/African American | Drama | Lesbian | Polyamory | Queer | Relationships
SECTION: World Cinema
Expected Guests: Actor Paula Kn├╝pling

Over the course of a sultry Berlin summer, twentysomethings Maria (Paula Knüpling) and Niels (Maximilian Hildebrandt) explore the possibilities and perplexities of polyamory. Housesitting at an uncle’s stylish flat—Niels working as a barista, Maria sneaking around train tunnels at night graffitiing with a couple of guy friends—the couple seems aimless, except when it comes to sex. When we first meet them, they are zeroing in on a threesome with a bearded hottie in a bar, and it’s clear they’ve done this before. Soon Maria spots gorgeous Brit Chloe (Tala Gouveia) on a train, and an intense mutual attraction (with great complications) begins.

Push and pull, back and forth, the trinity comes together and apart, following the languorous rhythm of hot and drunken days without much more to do than plumb their desires. But can they sustain this small paradise? In his first narrative feature, director Thomas Moritz Helm doesn’t give easy answers, but with his fluid camera and sexy leads, he revels in a carefree unknowing.


German Films

Berlin & Beyond Film Festival

  • Language: In German and English with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: International