Bi Candy

SECTION: Short | Shorts Programs

Swipe away the grayscale with this bi-rainbow of animated sexventures, unexpected romances, and crushes that range from hilarious to hallucinogenic to heartbreaking. Curated by Allegra and April Hirschman.



DIRECTOR Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta | 2018 | Denmark | 5m

A young woman, apathetic to her current existence, is enticed by Bacchus into a colorful and mysterious world to explore her deepest desires.

More Than He Knows

DIRECTOR Fiona Dawson | 2019 | USA | 14m

Married couple Ryan and Taya go to a nearby hotel for a relaxing staycation, but a sexy encounter introduces them to a potential new chapter in their relationship. Directed by Fiona Dawson, co-director of Frameline42’s opening night film TransMilitary.

Summer of Connor

DIRECTOR Russell Goldman | 2019 | USA | 9m

When a photographer starts seeing the face of a cute barista, Connor, everywhere, he learns to embrace his attraction to men… though he has to figure out how to tell his girlfriend.

Fall ’99

DIRECTOR Max Tullio | 2019 | USA | 19m

In the fall of 1999, Danny, a young, sexually promiscuous punk decides to give a serious romantic relationship a shot only to get a worrying call from a former lover letting him know that he needs to get tested for HIV. As he tries to keep this information from his friend June and his love Michael, things start to unravel.

I Think She Likes You

DIRECTOR Bridey Elliott | 2019 | USA | 12m

Justine and Julia (co-screenwriters Christine Medrano and Teresa Lee) pick up Jake (Josh Fadem, 30 Rock) at a bar, but the night doesn’t transpire in quite the way he was expecting. From the director of the Sundance dramedy Clara’s Ghost.


DIRECTOR Rosie Westhoff | 2019 | UK, USA | 18m

Two best friends, Jessie and Belle, embark on a road trip to get Jessie's mind off her recent breakup with her boyfriend. Drinks ensue, and fun is had until Jessie initiates a physical encounter with Belle, possibly changing their friendship forever.


DIRECTOR Jeff Schick | 2019 | USA | 8m

A dark comedic foray into science fiction, this genre bender of a film follows Cheryl, a newly single bachelorette as she navigates digital dating and attempts to find love in the not-so-distant future.