Camp Chaos

Director: Cory Krueckeberg
2019 | USA | 55m
GENRE: Documentary | Gay | Romance | Sexually Explicit
SECTION: Episodic
Expected Guests: Director Cory Krueckeberg, Producer Tom Gustafson, Actor Liam Lee

“I feel like it’s important as gay men that we exercise our right to want to have sex, to make content with it, and profit off it. It’s sort of a revolutionary act,” Matthew Camp says with an enticing grin.

Pushing the boundaries of fantasy and reality even further and in decidedly explicit fashion, the team behind Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (Frameline37) unveils their latest erotic endeavor, an XXX-rated episodic journey starring angel-faced go-go boy Camp. Attempting to recreate several of Camp’s formative sexual encounters with boys he meets online, Camp Chaos opens with voyeuristic moments of Camp in his upstate New York apartment—tending to his plants in the nude, strumming his guitar, painting in a jockstrap, masturbating in the living room. After Skyping with a few potential scene partners, Camp enlists a bearded San Francisco stud on the first stop on his intimate and carnal adventure. Within the beautifully lensed and sweaty reenactments, director Cory Krueckeberg captures the tender, sometimes funny, always titillating authenticity of two people’s first sexual encounter.

This film contains sexually explicit material.


Because You’re Mine

DIRECTOR Jean-Baptiste Huong | 2018 | France | 12m

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  • Premiere Status: US