Fun in Girls Shorts

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Come along for this gigglefest as we experience talking dogs, visits with the family, doll obsessions, bad hair, and magic tricks—seriously whatever it might take to impress a date. These fun and quirky tales are certain to answer most of your life questions.



DIRECTOR Carly Usdin | 2019 | USA | 14m

A college freshman, recently diagnosed with OCD, tries to escape from her own issues, as well as from her unrequited crush in this winning queer comedy from the director of Suicide Kale (Frameline40).

Dinette: Episodes 1 & 2

DIRECTOR Shaina Feinberg | 2018 | USA | 24m

Dinette is a charming and biting Brooklyn-based comedic web series that follows a group of women and gender non-conforming friends who trade barbs and share truths in quick-witted fashion.

Whale, Hello There

DIRECTOR Chantel Houston | 2018 | USA | 9m

Anna and Beca finally meet up IRL after texting for weeks, and things don’t necessarily go as either one expected.


DIRECTOR Harry Lloyd | 2019 | Australia | 11m

After a lousy breakup, a dog named Butch must do his best to reunite Tiff and Gem, even if it means a trip to the vet.


DIRECTOR Viridiana Lieberman | 2019 | USA | 4m

A game between two women escalates, revealing some major ulterior motives.

Girls Weekend

DIRECTOR Kyra Sedgwick | 2019 | USA | 11m

Directed by Kyra Sedgwick and starring Ali Liebegott (who also wrote the short), Amy Landecker, and Linda Lavin, Girls Weekend centers around a painfully awkward—and then surprisingly touching—reunion between an estranged lesbian and her not-so-accepting family back home.

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