Last Ferry

Director: Jaki Bradley
2019 | USA | 86m
GENRE: Drama | Gay | Mystery/Thriller | Relationships
Expected Guests: Writer/Actor Ramon Torres, Producer/Editor Nadia Zoe, Producers Tom Gustafson, Cory Krueckeberg, and Michael Karp


The gorgeous dunes of Fire Island. A casual encounter. A drugged drink. A hazy murder. These are the delicious elements of Last Ferry, a promising first feature by Jaki Bradley. When Joseph (Ramon Torres, who also wrote the screenplay), an introverted young lawyer, sets out to sow his wild oats on Fire Island, he is immediately greeted with disappointment: it’s off-season, and the island is dead. But he persists and even attempts a hook-up, which leaves him roofied. In his impaired state, he witnesses a shocking murder in the desolate Meat Rack.

Trying desperately to flee, Joseph finds himself rescued by a handsome local named Cameron. But as Joseph recuperates at Cameron’s house, he begins to discover that nothing is as it seems, and he may not be out of danger after all. Shot on location in the famous Pines, Last Ferry is a tense queer thriller that turns a frisky vacation into a waking nightmare that builds in suspense and dread until its shocking conclusion.



  • Premiere Status: North America