Razor Tongue & the T

GENRE: Asian Pacific American | Black/African American | Comedy | Drama | Male-to-Female | Queer | Transgender
SECTION: Episodic

Frameline43 is thrilled to present two whip-smart, heartfelt dramedies centering on the transfeminine experience. In both the T and Razor Tongue, friendship and romance get tested by discriminatory forces, as well as bouts of crippling self-doubt. But in this double bill of charming episodics, hard-hitting resilience and—yes, of course—a biting razor tongue save the day.


Razor Tongue

DIRECTORS Natalie Heltzel, Sarah Poynter, Puppett, & Kalena Ranoa | 2019 | USA | 39m

With a sharp comedic touch and real emotional bite, Razor Tongue explores the complexities of manifesting self-love in a world filled with misogyny and discrimination. Creator Rain Valdez, Sterling Jones, and Alexandra Grey star in this fantastic, no-bullshit web series.

the T

DIRECTORS Deven Casey, Bea Cordelia, & Daniel Kyri | 2018 | USA | 43m

Told through small moments and life-changing ones, two characters' stories—a trans woman and a queer Black man in Chicago—feel wonderfully authentic and intimate. After the first two episodes proved to be an audience favorite at Frameline42, we're pleased to showcase the entire first season of the T at the Festival this year.