Realness & Revelations

SECTION: Short | Shorts Programs

These stellar shorts offer rich and beautiful depictions of queer and trans folks of color from around the world. Come meet a young janitor falling in love in a spa in Taiwan, a couple brought together by gaming in the USA, a Mexican transgender person facing a challenge in New York City, a Two-Spirit teenage runaway in Canada, and a poet in Brazil named MC Jess.


Gentleman Spa

DIRECTOR Yu Jhi-han | 2019 | Taiwan | 18m

For Hao, a heavy-set janitor at a gay spa, romantic relationships feel like an unreachable dream. But when he gets the opportunity to massage a handsome stranger, an exciting—but bumpy—ride ensues.


DIRECTOR Searit Huluf | 2019 | USA | 10m

A lesbian gamer gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for a pro league team, but crippling self-doubt tests her ambitions.

The Bony Lady

DIRECTORS Adriana Barbosa & Thiago Zanato | 2018 | Brazil, USA, Mexico | 20m

In this captivating documentary-fiction hybrid, transgender Death Cult leader Arely Vazquez attempts to fulfill a promise she made to her saint years after a life-threatening episode.


DIRECTOR Bretten Hannam | 2019 | Canada | 12m

Stalked by his abusive white father, a rebellious Mi’kmaw runaway meets a Two-Spirit teenager drawn to his journey. As he learns the Mi’kmaw language and culture from his new companion, a deeper bond begins to take shape.

MC Jess

DIRECTOR Carla Villa-Lobos | 2018 | Brazil | 20m
Jessica, a lesbian Black woman, goes through bouts of doubt and loneliness, thanks to daily forms of prejudice. But in poetry, she unearths a powerful means of expression that allows her to finally overcome deeply ingrained insecurities.