Director: Jeanie Finlay
2019 | UK | 89m
GENRE: Documentary | Female-to-Male | Health/Medicine | Parenting/Family | Transgender
SECTION: Documentary


Not unlike many 30-year-olds, Freddy McConnell has a strong desire to start a family, and he looks forward to raising his child in his small coastal hometown in England. But as a gay transgender man determined to carry his own baby, the path to parenthood is more challenging on nearly every level: physically, emotionally, financially, and socially. It’s hard out there for a pregnant father.

What seems like a perfectly logical undertaking to Freddy turns out to be unsettling and confusing to many others. The perfect co-parenting arrangement he had envisioned proves less than certain. And the physical necessities of childbearing require a reverse course in his once successful gender transition, taking him from testosterone back to tampons—and into a bit of gender identity crisis. Acclaimed British documentarian Jeanie Finlay (Orion: The Man Who Would Be King; Game of Thrones: The Last Watch) follows Freddy over the course of three years—from pre-conception to birth—on this incredibly intimate journey of fertility and family… and one very dedicated pregnant dad.


Rainbow Grocery

TM4M / San Francisco Transgender Film Festival / Gender Spectrum

  • Premiere Status: Bay Area