Searching Eva

Director: Pia Hellenthal
2019 | Germany | 84m
GENRE: Bisexual | Documentary | Drugs/Addiction | Experimental | Polyamory | Queer | Sex Work | Sexually Explicit
SECTION: Documentary
Expected Guests: Director Pia Hellenthal, Writer Giorgia Malatrasi


A self-described drifter, queer, sex worker, Virgo, addict, feminist, model, social media maven, and housewife, Eva thrives on constantly subverting her own identity. In Pia Hellenthal’s graphic and audacious documentary film, nothing can be taken at face value. The film’s 25-year-old subject, Eva, slinks in and out of the frame, shape-shifting her image and controlling her narrative, upending our desire to peg her down and nestle into an easy-to-identify label.

Based in Berlin but also blowing up on Instagram, Eva posts and vlogs seemingly every aspect of her life. Her fans watch eagerly as she struts on the runway for Vetements, dons wigs for sex clients, and fluidly moves between men and women. She acts as a vessel and outlet for her followers—a target for some, an icon for others. She’s both inside her own film and always just out of reach. Searching Eva captures the elusive world of online celebrity: how a younger generation of people like Eva freely defines themselves in ways that feel both nakedly public and impossibly private.


This film includes explicit sexual and drug-related content.

German Films

Berlin & Beyond Film Festival

  • Language: In German, English, and Italian with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: Bay Area