Sid & Judy

Director: Stephen Kijak
2019 | USA | 100m
GENRE: Biography/History | Documentary | Drugs/Addiction | Music/Music Videos | Queer
SECTION: Centerpiece | Documentary
Expected Guests: Director Stephen Kijak

June 2019 marks 50 years since the death of the extravagantly talented and tragically short-lived entertainer Judy Garland. Her dramatic career—from teenage sensation in The Wizard of Oz to epochal Hollywood star—made her a legend, while her troubled private life and charismatic pathos made her a quintessential gay icon. But it turns out there is a Judy we didn’t know: in this revelatory new biography, we are treated not only to spectacular film clips and rare concert footage, but to the memories of the one man who, for a tumultuous decade, was her confidant, producer (of A Star Is Born), manager, and, not incidentally, third husband: Sid Luft.

What emerges through Luft’s observations, only recently made public, and through Judy’s own words is a poignant portrait of a woman whose vulnerabilities were exploited by an industry she helped build, but whose resilience, entrepreneurship, and unfailing commitment to her creative gifts seem particularly modern. Directed by Stephen Kijak (Never Met Picasso, Frameline20), Sid & Judy reminds us why generations of LGBTQ+ folks have found in Judy Garland their lodestar of perseverance and joy.



Elizabeth Taylor 50+ Network / SF Gay Men's Chorus

  • Premiere Status: World