The Ground Beneath My Feet

Der Boden unter den Füßen

Director: Marie Kreutzer
2019 | Austria | 108m
GENRE: Drama | Lesbian | Mental Health | Mystery/Thriller
SECTION: World Cinema


Lola (a fiercely commanding Valerie Pachner) is a young, ambitious, high-powered business consultant whose standing within the company is steadily on the rise. She is a threat to her sleazy male counterparts, keeps a rigorous exercise schedule, and logs 48-hour days without falter or complaint. Even a romance with her supportive but goal-focused boss Elise (Mavie Hörbiger) is a healthy and positive part of her routine despite efforts to conceal it from public view.

No stranger to secrecy, Lola has successfully maintained that she is an orphan and an only child. But after her older sister Conny (Pia Hierzegger) is admitted to a psychiatric hospital following a breakdown and Lola is enlisted to give care, Lola’s carefully curated facade and laser focus on her demanding job quickly fall into disarray. Soon targeted with strange and disturbing phone calls regarding Conny’s well-being, Lola’s own sanity begins to slip, peeling back layers of unsettling similarities with her troubled sister in this twisty puzzle-box psychological thriller from acclaimed writer-director Marie Kreutzer which premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival.


Bank of America

Austrian Consulate General Los Angeles

California Film Institute / Berlin & Beyond Film Festival / NCLR

  • Language: In German with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: Bay Area