Director: Neelu Bhuman
2019 | USA, UK, India | 70m
GENRE: African Diaspora | East Asian | Latinx | Local Interest/Subjects | Relationships | Religion/Spirituality | Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy | South Asian | Transgender
Expected Guests: Director Neelu Bhuman, Actors Tina D'Elia, D'Lo, Davia Spain, S Angelo Acevedo, Blossom Brown, Bridger Fox, Jay Gash, J Aguilar, Cilantro Flores, Kit Tapata, Lea Robinson, Liz Anderson, Ryka Aoki, and Adrian McCory, Writers Lida Vala and Cody Makil, Cinematographer Aja Pop, Producers Stefano Gonzalez, Marc Smolowitz, and Bambi Katsura, Illustrator Rob Trujillo


Director Neelu Bhuman’s Transfinite is a collection of seven locally-shot science-fiction/fantasy short films. Rich with symbolism, the seven stories in this anthology film feature supernatural trans and queer people, from many different cultures, who use magic and supernatural powers to love, teach, fight, and thrive.

Najma’s new lover is fearful about telling his best friend that he’s in love with a transwoman—and when the friend reacts transphobically, her supernatural powers reveal themselves. Love vanquishes a demon who has possessed the hand of a warrior. Shayla converts a building developer into an environmentalist. Neruda’s oceanic love and Bahari’s expansive poetry are a border-smashing combination. With the help of her best friend, Nova protects herself from bullies. Falling in love expands Orchid Mango Blu’s world. And Honey casts a celestial spell on a dirty politician.

A cast of LGBTQ+ actors skillfully bring the stories to life, while beautiful animation and thoughtful cinematography unite the collection—even though, as the film’s tagline says, trans identities are “as limitless as nature itself.”



Another Hole in the Head Film Festival / San Francisco Transgender Film Festival / 3rd i International South Asian Film Festival / Spectrum Queer Media

  • Language: In English, Spanish, Swahili, and Navajo with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: Bay Area