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SECTION: Short | Shorts Programs

These impactful documentary shorts venture around the world, taking us into the lives of remarkable human beings in search of various forms of love: love for self, for answers, for art, and for acceptance.


Thomas Banks’ Quest for Love

DIRECTOR Pip Kelly | 2019 | Australia | 30m

Thomas Banks’ Quest for Love is a warm and intimate documentary about a young gay man with cerebral palsy who is on a quest to find true love. Winner of the Best Short Film at Queer Screen’s Mardi Gras Film Festival, this heartfelt film is a delight.


DIRECTORS Serena Chopra & Kasey Ferlic | 2018 | USA, India | 12m

Getting its name from 18th century Urdu feminist poetic form, the rekhti (which looks at sexual desires between women), Dogana/Chapti explores identity for queer Indian and Indian American women and non-binary people.

Marielle and Monica

DIRECTOR Fábio Erdos | 2018 | Brazil, UK | 25m

Afro Brazilian LGBTQ+ and human rights activist Marielle Franco was killed in March 2018 leaving behind her widow, Monica Benicio. Monica continues her fight for better treatment of the poor, the LGBTQ+ community and Afro Brazilians while trying to solve Marielle’s murder. This documentary follows her journey for justice, in the face of an election that will drastically change Brazil.

Desperately Seeking Shavers

DIRECTOR Emmett Aldred | 2018 | Australia | 6m

This insightful documentary shines a light on gender and identity through its candid look at the way trans and gender-diverse people express and actualize their identity through facial hair.

Catherine Opie b. 1961

DIRECTOR Sini Anderson | 2019 | USA | 15m

The extraordinary imagery of renowned photographer Catherine Opie is on full display. Whether documenting San Francisco’s queer and gender-expansive communities during the AIDS crisis, Texas’ love affair with high school football, or her own devastatingly honest portraits of her body and life as a lesbian mother, each piece forms the foundation of this compelling artist profile, enhanced by the artist’s own revealing insights into her motivations and creative process.

Sweetheart Dancers

DIRECTOR Ben-Alex Dupris | 2019 | USA | 14m

A young Two-Spirit couple, Sean and Adrian, are determined to participate in the “Sweetheart Dance” and break down barriers in their community. This celebratory contest in Native American culture is held at powwows across the country, primarily for couples consisting of one man and one woman… until now.

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