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Connecting man-to-man can be fast or slow, easy or tricky, romantic or sexy (or both), full of joy or full of risk…but however it happens, in the right storyteller’s hands, it’s always interesting. These six wonderful films from three continents reveal the many ways that men around the world navigate their desires.

This program contains sexually explicit material.



DIRECTOR Isabella Carbonell | 2019 | Sweden | 15m

While on the soccer field, two longtime buddies—Khalid (Poyan Karimi, My Name Is Love, Frameline34) and Nico (Philip Oros)—cagily broach the subject of taking their friendship to the next level.


DIRECTOR Fábio Leal | 2018 | Brazil | 15m

Uniquely funny and refreshingly candid, Renovation introduces us to complicated, neurotic, bear-ish, and lovable Francisco (writer-director Fábio Leal). Helping his friend Flávia (Mariah Teixeira) paint her apartment, he can’t seem to stop opening up about his body issues, his rotating cast of handsome bedmates, and his love of sweets and Julia Roberts.

Delivery Boy

DIRECTOR Hugo Kenzo Hirosawa | 2019 | Hong Kong | 16m

Hard-working Chunho delivers dumplings to fancy apartments in Hong Kong. Among his deliveries, he pines for the cute British expat who seems not to notice him whenever he shows up with his steaming package. But just when things start to look romantic for these two, class differences threaten to get in the way.

My Loneliness Is Killing Me

DIRECTOR Tim Courtney | 2018 | UK | 16m

Moodily shot in the nighttime world of Scottish clubs and bedrooms, this expressive drama brings together two very different queer folks who want what the other seems to have: femme and sensitive Elliott, stuck in hookup culture but seeking a real connection, and brutish Jake, stuck in a marriage and seeking escape.

Sparkling Candles

DIRECTOR Thanasis Neofotistos | 2019 | Greece | 10m

A man hurries home to ready himself and his apartment for a “special occasion,” while listening to Céline Dion and trying to dodge calls from his mother.


DIRECTOR Christopher Manning | 2018 | UK | 15m

Rahmi, a Romanian immigrant living in England, creates a new life for himself while trying to keep up appearances with his Muslim family. This moving, evocative drama costars renowned Romanian actress Maia Morgenstern and Game of Thrones’ Lino Facioli alongside newcomer Hora Savescu as Rahmi.

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