Alaska Beyond + Frameline

Watch 18 fresh and bold LGBTQ+ films from Frameline Distribution on Alaska Beyond in-flight entertainment for free through the end of July.

Jul 11, 2019

Frameline + Alaska Beyond

Only two more weeks to watch award-winning LGBTQ+ films from Frameline Distribution for free on your next Alaska Air flight in June and July 2019! Celebrate Pride at 35,000 feet in the air.

Alaska Airlines generously flew our filmmakers and stars to Frameline43 this year, and many of them were impressed to have seen Frameline Films on their flights! Join our community and enjoy a stellar collection of LGBTQ+ films while you fly Alaska.

 Learn more about Frameline at Frameline Distribution films featured on Alaska Air include: Alzheimer's: A Love StoryBuddiesEl Canto del ColibriErin's Guide to Kissing GirlsGaysiansA Great RideHappy Birthday, Marsha!Monica's StoryMoroni for PresidentOf Love & LawPassingA Place in the MiddleSuicide KaleTo Be TakeiUnboxedThe Untold Tales of Armistead MaupinWalk For Me, and Yeah, Kowalski